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What do Geothermal and the US Navy have to do with each other? Well, as it turns out there are department of defense lands that happen to be on top of Geothermal resources. One in particular is the Coso Geothermal field where the Navy has mineral rights which enables them to receive revenue from the sale of electricity allowing them to oversee the operations for the field.

Episode Notes

Geothermal and missile testing sites located in the same place? Yes, you are reading that correctly. The US Navy has a base, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake Station that is located within the Coso Geothermal field in Ridgecrest California. They own the mineral rights on the land where the power is produced which allows them to fund their office that focuses on management and oversight. They do all things from safety and operations to exploration. The DOD has a large footprint in the US and globally which allows them to play a part in the solution with Geothermal energy and power their critical infrastructure with clean baseload power. 

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