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GreenFire Energy | Joseph Scherer on CORE Knowledge Podcast

Episode Summary

Geothermal Rising was a huge success, the momentum in the industry is gaining, the investment is growing, technology is being innovated, and projects are being implemented globally. Greenfire is right at the front and center of this activity in terms of technology development with their proprietary closed loop technology, investment from large Oil and Gas companies and deployment of global projects.

Episode Notes

GreenFire Energy's CEO Joseph Scherer is no stranger to CORE Knowledge. I had the chance to sit down with him at this year's Geothermal Rising Conference to talk about some of their recent investments from the likes of Baker Hughes and Vallourec to name a few and the new projects in their pipeline. Their closed loop technology is helping to revitalize geothermal fields and increase longevity of these assets, increasing cash flow and reducing emissions. Come join the conversation. 

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