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GreenFire Energy | Joseph Scherer on CORE Knowledge Podcast

Episode Summary

Closed loop Geothermal. What is it and why should you care? It is also known as an Advanced Geothermal System (AGS) in which a well is drilled and sealed off from the surrounding formation, fluid is pumped through this wellbore conducting heat as it travels down and then is produced to generate electricity or simply heat. It has been in the news quite often lately thanks to one company in particular, GreenFire Energy who has a patented technology that can be used in existing fields where production from conventional geothermal has declined, or in areas with little to no fluid and even no permeability. I promise you will learn something from today's talk with Joseph Scherer, President and CEO of GreenFire.

Episode Notes

Nick sits down with Joseph Scherer, President and CEO of GreenFire Energy a leading developer of AGS or closed loop Geothermal systems. They have been in the news recently with some exciting announcements regarding funding from Baker Hughes, H&P and Vallourec. Their solution is positioned to really target a variety of markets and make significant breakthroughs for Geothermal as an industry. They have patented a closed loop technology called GreenLoop, proved Super Critical CO2 can create a thermosiphon downhole and eliminate parasitic loads, increasing energy output in a well that was shut in due to high NCG's. They are actively harvesting the "Heat Beneath our Feet!"


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