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GreenFire Energy | John Muir and Andy Van Horn on CORE Knowledge Podcast

Episode Summary

Geothermal as a premium energy source. That's right, there should be a premium when utilities or behind the meter consumers are buying Geothermal electrons. It is clean, reliable, flexible, dispatchable, resilient and ALWAYS ON! How do we work with industry, government and consumers to realize the true potential of this premium energy. I sit down with John Muir and Andy Van Horn to talk about GreenFire's closed loop solution and how it taps this energy in a cost-effective manner.

Episode Notes

Sometimes we pay more for things even when there isn't much of a difference in benefit, but when it comes to reliable electricity there is a cost of paying less or having unreliable energy sources providing majority of the electrons. In comes Geothermal, a premium energy source that all stakeholders should be willing to pay a premium for. It gets slighted when compared to wind and solar on an LCOE basis as they are not apples to apples, it has poor messaging and ultimately is the dark horse in this race to net zero. It is clean, reliable, baseload always on, dispatchable and flexible power that can supplement wind and solar, act as a battery, make our grids more resilient and ultimately save all stakeholders from utilities to consumers money and clean up the air as we do it. Tune in to hear a little about GRC and what GreenFire is doing to bring this premium energy source to market. 


Greenfire Energy

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